Mike Murphy Unfiltered Radio


ive Thursdays 12pm – 2pm pacific.

Mike Murphy explores truth that is authentic and relevant, while helping listeners to understand the power of manifestation and how to consciously create their best lives. Finally, discover how to tap into infinite potentialities to manifest the highest possibilities of your heart. In fact, using the practices and principles of The Creation Frequency, you will learn to rewire your programmed thinking. Additionally, manifest new thoughts that create true freedom. With this purpose in mind, living in infinite possibility with peace and joy in your heart is now possible with Mike Murphy Unfiltered Radio– Unfiltered gratitude, unfiltered frequency, unfiltered creation.

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Take your power back and learn to live the life of your dreams with Mike Murphy Unfiltered: Unfettered, Unflinching, Unafraid! 

We will share how manifestation is a natural aspect of who we are. We just forgot due to years of limited filters calling us to play small or not play at all.   Because I think we do a wonderful job of explaining how high-frequency living works and how these are ancient teachings and our modern science is now proving what we teach is accurate and natural – Unfiltered!

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